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Skunk #1, also known as “#1” or simply as “Skunk,” actually has less THC than its reputation might suggest: about 15-19% tops. But this remains one of the most famous strains of all time, born three decades ago in Holland, where breeders crossed multiple strains from South and Central America, Thailand, and Afghanistan. The result became a staple in itself and spawned countless hybrids containing its genes. True to its name, Skunk #1 smells decidedly skunky, while the taste is a mix of sour and earthy flavors. This is an indica-dominant strain (35:65 sativa/indica ratio) best used late in the day. Though it comes with a head buzz that belies its indica genes, Skunk #1 also provides deep-body relaxation. The head high is energetic and creative, while the body high is peaceful and soothing. It can be used to treat anxiety and other mental disorders, as well as chronic pain, headaches, and lack of appetite. This strain remains highly popular in Amsterdam, and though it can be found across the United States, it’s mostly found on the West Coast, Arizona, and Colorado. Dry mouth is the most common problem associated with this strain, as well as paranoia and red eyes.


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  1. So I’m a very novice smoker. My ex GF finally got me to try for the first time last year (I’m 32) and I’ve only done it a small handful of times before getting my medical card. It helped with reducing my anxiety, helped numb out my back pain (I had back surgery for scoliosis at 18), and helped me fall/stay asleep better.

    So here I am, on my very first night of smoking by myself with no one else to assist me or anything. I have my own glass bong I got from Staxx (It’s a Leo brand), a grinder, a lighter, and the Skunk that I bought from HealthyBuds earlier today.

    I personally feel I prefer a more mix of head/body sensation after having experienced seemingly a mostly head high, a mostly body high, and then most of my times were hybrids. I prefer how hybrids feel the most. So I went with Skunk, as it was probably the most balanced hybrid available today.

    I’ve taken 4 hits. Happy to note that I remembered HOW to use my bong (as well as clean it!) and at least I was successful in smoking at all 😛

    As this 4th hit begins to wash over me, I notice I have a slight tingle in my face that began on the 3rd hit. My nose is ever so slightly burning but it feels like it’ll go away momentarily. Definitely starting to feel a head buzz and my vision feels just BARELY cloudy. Though that might just be this website’s all white background off my TV monitor. Hard to say.

    None of the side effects just yet. Well, probably red eyes, but my eyes always go red when I smoke. But no paranoia or dry mouth 🙂

    There we are, full on head high now, this is where I stop. Can still feel my back a bit so maybe I should go deeper into…Indica? OH boy, as I got up to walk around, I can feel a bit of dizzyness. Nothing nauseating but definitely head spinning and some slight wobbling.

    Not much time distortion at the moment, but a little. It hasn’t really slowed down, but it’s feeling rather fragmented. I’m sure most of you probably know the feeling though.

    Anyway, sorry for the long winded post. I can summarize by saying no paranoia/dry mouth yet, the body high is currently stronger than the head high for me and I suppose that’s the way it should be. Starting to feel a more intense appetite even though I ate dinner just 2 hours ago. No anxiety, and the soreness in my back is mostly gone.

    So I’d recommend this strain. Less of a head high than I am more familiar with, but it certainly still helped me.

  2. Is this strain “Skunk” available?

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