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1 g $102 g $201/8 oz $351/4 oz $651/2 oz $1351 oz $250

 Hybrid – 50% Sativa /50% Indica

Originating from Canada, this strain is indica dominant. Being famous for having a fine unique structure, this species is now a popular choice in medicinal marijuana. This plant is short in height but its width spreads far out. The uniqueness of this strain lies in the fact that it does not glue one to the couch, allowing them to be active. Its effects take hold even if only a quarter is smoked. Patients also stay safe from collapsing and losing their senses, which may happen with other strains which have a strong high. It is complimentary how this strain gives a mind and body high to the person and cures stress and anxiety disorders. It also helps battle insomnia.


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